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All practitioners identify pain as the body's way of letting us know that something is wrong.  Unusual as it sounds, pain is actually our friend.  But the real "detective work" that goes into rectifying our issues go beyond simply knowing our own body; it lies in the deep understanding of how the body truly works.

Dr Andrew Rochman

We are so fortunate to live in a time of abundant options for healthcare; where allopathic medicine is at its technological heights and alternative healing practices have exploded into our mainstream with great thanks to the information age.  For all the unusual and mysterious ailments that we may experience, the answer is definitely out there!

As a great student of modern and alternative treatments, I produced this free collaborative web-based forum between doctors and pain sufferers where we can address ailments of all sizes and the varying solutions ranging from the conventional to the experimental.  Together, we will share, explore, uncover and review the healing community and what others are doing to deal with physical pain.

Welcome and my best regards-

Dr. Andrew J. Rochman



by: Carmen Regalo-Dewitt
edited by: Lennard M. Gettz

 Board certified New York Surgeon Dr. Andrew J. Rochman launches an educational campaign to reassess our society's misuse of pain medication from the "runaway trend of pain intolerance and the concerning public demand for being completely pain free to a disturbingly addictive level".  "We have spent the last ten years creating a society of addicts...", starts Rochman. “Since the joint commission decided that pain is the fifth vital sign (for ailments), everyone has to NOW be treated for their pain ... resulting in a society where people just don't tolerate pain at all- such that we're always used to running for pain meds at the slightest ache”.

Rochman participates in an annual mission to Ecuador delivering medical care to impoverished communities through a non-profit group called BLANCA'S HOUSE. It is here that Rochman sees differing values about pain. "In Ecuador, they don't have access to medical care or this dependency for narcotics and they don't complain like we do... back in the U.S., everyone's running for their hydrocodone or their morphine... there's something very wrong here and we have to do better than this!"

 By 2014, Dr. Rochman publishes insights from a community of pain professionals in a forum called THE MODERN PAIN RELIEF GROUP where members connect, share articles and collaborate about the topic of pain that touches political, economic and social concerns.

Recently, he also partnered with Dr. Lori Trentacoste (audiologist and co-founder of the Long Island Alliance for Hearing Preservation) and Glenn Taylor (author of “Living to 200” & Phountain Health CEO) to form “The Care Givers Group”- a coalition of health and wellness professionals who cover all healing arts. “Bridging this alliance gives us the whole picture of today’s healthcare arena including the breakdown of the patient mentality and their dependency to meds and surgical procedures. The American dream of over-indulgence and easy access to anything makes for the today’s national problem... we need to reprogram with education to steer us back to the right track”, states Dr. Trentacoste.

 Rochman’s efforts represent the community who believes that “it is this very attitude about pain that has driven our society into a misguided dependency for the quick fix and has created a major traffic gridlock in information and solutions. Where a western society that once ran a healthy existence on a lean diet and a proactive lifestyle, today's response trend to any discomfort is meds or visiting a specialist.”

 Dr. Andrew J. Rochman is an active member of the American Medical Association, the Medical Society of the State of New York, Nassau County Medical Society and the American College of Phlebology. He is a Laparoscopic surgeon, a certified practitioner for Stem Cell Therapy, a certified surgeon for Gall Bladder surgery and is currently the medical director of his vein therapy practice in Plainview NY. He is currently the medical director of Advanced Vein Care Solutions in Plainview NY.


Credits: CARMEN REGALO-DEWITT is a native Long-Islander and has dedicated her studies in publishing, journalism and content development for educational projects and public relations. She is currently a writer/editor and columnist for RESPONSELI.com and is a consultant for IMWORX.com, a blog writer for BUSINESS MAKEOVER BLOG and is also a guest writer for The How2 Station. Carmen is also working on several projects including"Mastering the Power of the Perfect Smile" (with Dr. Veronica Greene) and a comical rockumentary animation for "Bowling with Lucifer" produced by Bumpy Lacosta of reelpromoters.com

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