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All practitioners identify pain as the body's way of letting us know that something is wrong.  Unisue as it sounds, pain is actually your friend.  Bit the real "detective work" that goes into rectifying your issues go beyond simply knowing your own body: it lies in a deep understanding of how the body truly works.

We are so fortunate to live in a time of abundant options for healthcare; where allopathic medicine is at its technological heights and alternative healing practices have exploded into our mainstream with great thanks to the information age.  For all the grange and mysterious ailments that we may experience, the answer is definitely out there!

As a great fan of modern and alternative treatments, I produced this free collaborative web-based forum between doctors and pain sufferers where we can address ailments of all sized and the varying solutions ranging from the conventional to the experimental to downright unusual.  Together, we will share, explore, uncover and review the healing community and what others are doing to deal with physical pain therapy.

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by: Dr. Andrew J. Rochman

Autism which is one of the five pervasive developmental disorders affects the information processing art of the brain, and alters the manner in which nerve cells connect with synapses. Statistics show that 1 in 88 children are born autistic (Forbes, 2012). Marked behaviors in children suffering from autism are abnormalities in social interactions and communication. This occurs due to decreased oxygenation in certain parts of the brain.

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism
While stem cell treatment for autism is still in its investigative stages, the progress that has been made looks promising. The purpose of these treatments is to identify the factors which cause a decrease in oxygenation in the brain (Ichim et.al, 2007).
A currently unpublished study found that researchers had managed to create neurons by using the skin cells of children suffering from autism. These neurons showed signs of increased inhibitory signaling relative to controls (Hughes, 2013).

Where The Stem Cells Are Derived From
Adult stem cells derived from umbilical cords are used for treatment. The umbilical cords are usually donated and screened for bacteria before they are used. Umbilical cords are the ideal source of stem cells because they allow a uniform dosage to be administered without the need of collecting stem cells from the patient (emcell, n.d.).

The stem cells may be administered to the patient through the spinal cord fluid or intravenously by an anesthesiologist. The decision of administration method will depend on the age and size of the patient. Intrathetical injection which is done through the spinal cord fluid allows stem cells to surpass the blood-brain barriers and pass through the nervous system. CD43+ stem cells may also be derived from the bone marrow for administration (Cell Medicine, n.d.).

How They Work
Fetal stem cells such as those derived from the umbilical cord target the brain in order to regulate concentration, memory, attention, and speech. The damaged neurons are replaced and new arteries are formed as a result of the stem cell treatment. This as a result increased the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain. The fetal stem cells may even imitate the properties of adjoining cells triggering the restoration of grey mater and increasing intellectual capacity while improving the immune system. CD 34 + derived from the bone marrow helps stimulate artery formation in hypoxic tissue thereby increasing the flow of blood to the temporal lobe (Cell Medicine, n.d).

Targeted Areas
Stem cell treatments for autism primarily target four areas
• Metabolism
• Immunity
• Leaning ability, thinking, and memory
• Communication
These four targets are improved through the restoration of connections between neurons and forming new connections which increase the speed of reactions in the brain due to faster transmission of synapses.
What must be understood; however, is that autistic treatment using stem cells is still in its preliminary stages and still experimental. While the current research looks promising, we cannot say whether this will lead to a surefire treatment. What remains to be seen is how the current research unfolds over the rest of the years.



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